The territory of Montaione in Tuscany (Italy)

Have you travelled half of the world always looking for a fun vacation? The holidays are too precious to waste them by spending time getting bored!
What about spending your next vacation in a place where there is everything a cyclist wishes?

Luckily there is an effective remedy to combat boredom: Tuscany. Its clear air, its beautiful scenery and the wide range of active leisure facilities free the mind and instill the desire of moving.
Pristine nature and pleasant climate, Tuscany offers the ideal conditions for an active vacation marked by sport, forgetting the stress of everyday life with a nice walk or bike ride filling your eyes with the charm of the Tuscan countryside.

Cycling in Tuscany is a very popular sport, whether it is about travelling on the road on little traffic routes or off-road in contact with nature, you'll be rewarded by stunning landscapes and you will realize to be in the cycling paradise.

Cycling in Tuscany for sport or just for fun is a special experience. You can recharge your energy tasting the good and genuine food in one of the many local restaurants or relax by the pool of one of the many accommodations after an exciting bike ride.

If you love seeing new places riding your bike, in the territory of Montaione you will find more than 50km of trails for mountain biking and hundreds of miles of paved roads with little traffic suitable for road bikes.

The territory of Montaione, is the "Eldorado" of the holidays on bike, where the landscape is suspended between heaven and earth to make a difference. Breathtaking views, picture-postcard scenery: it is the magic of riding a bike between 50 and 500 meters above sea level.

Riding the territory of Montaione on foot or with your bike you will ne able to live in the sign of well-being and in harmony with the landscape, in contact with nature knowing Tuscany from a new point of view.

Spending your holidays doing sports, conquering with the bike or mountain bike the surrounding area, overcoming the gradients with difficulty is the best way to learn about the wonderful territory of Montaione, rewarded by breathtaking natural scenery, and certain to reach your destination tired but satisfied.

With so many miles of pure cycling fun, RideMontaione.com invites the two wheels lovers to travel and explore far and wide throughout the territory of Montaione and its beautiful surroundings.

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